1. In painting, the use of a thick-bodied paint to create sizable peaks and crests in an image.
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7 letters in word "impasto": A I M O P S T.

No anagrams for impasto found in this word list.

Words found within impasto:

ai aim aims ais ait aits am ami amis amp amps apio apios apism apt apts as asp at atom atoms atop imp impost impot impots imps io ios iota iotas is ism iso it ita itas its ma maist map maps mas mast mat mats mi mips mis miso mist mo moa moas moat moats moi moist moit moits mop mops mos most mot mots oast oat oats oi om omit omits oms op ops opt optima opts os ostia pa pais pam pams pas past pat patio patios patois pats pi pia pias pima pimas pis piso pit pita pitas pits po poa poas poi pois pom poms pos posit post pot pots psi psoai pst sai saim sam samp sampi sap sat sati si sim sima simp sip sit sma smit so soap som soma sop sot spa spait spam spat spit spot st stamp stap stipa stoa stoai stoma stomp stop ta tai tais tam tamis tamp tamps tams tao taos tap tapis taps tas ti timps tip tips tis to tom tomia toms top topi topis tops tosa